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Phone Dialer And Contacts

Developer: Kenzap Ltd

Phone Dialer And Contacts is an application management as well as telephone contacts with an excellent interface with many attractive features for Android.You feel bored phonebook and call the default on your phone. Try using the big number phone button dialer free app, contacts and dialer app free with the name Phone Dialer And Contacts on your phone. With its beautiful interface and address book allows users to change themes for contacts help you freely express your personal style.
Using smart phone contacts very easy to support rapid searching contacts T9 keyboard or you can call / messaging by soaring to the left or right. Extremely fast and lightweight, smooth when using Phone Dialer And Contacts.
Key Features dialer and contacts app:
- Listing of call for the best android- Support transfer contacts, dialer with contacts and caller id, easy phone dialer for elderly.- Contacts background color changer, contacts calls and dialer- Best phone dialer app for android, stock dialer and contact replacement- Supports more than 30 indigenous languages- Support calling and instant messaging by soaring to the left or right.- Phone dialer app for android, phone dialer with large keys, quick call contacts widget.- Support simple ex dialer and contact theme- You can change the information on your behalf- Features: Press "*" to the current list of known contacts, Press the "#" to search for the phone number- As calling applications see face, lollipop phone dialer- Free
Rating 5 * if you favorite contact and phone dialer app.